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  Dexmoda is a group of manufacturers and stores of footwear and fashion, professionals with many years of experience in the wholesale and export of Spanish footwear online, working together to offer our users an easy and simple navigation both for our customers who buy through the network, and for all suppliers who wish to offer their products in our online shopping mall.

  At Dexmoda we try to offer a reliable and guaranteed service.

  ; is a central distribution center for fashion, footwear, accessories and others... oriented only for professionals or freelancers who are related to any of these business sectors.

  All the articles exhibited in are distributed directly from the warehouses and factories to your business in a fast, convenient, and above all secure way, providing a better service to our customers.

  We seek empathy with our clients and their projects by helping and advising them in their new businesses, offering them statistics of the best selling products.

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